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GymNav, the new health and fitness App! We show you health and fitness providers near your. If you want to lift weights, do yoga, hit a Crossfit® WOD, or train Jujitsu, just tell GymNav what you want and it shows you the results in your area. You simply schedule where you want to go, pay securely through the app, then show up and train. No awkward check-ins, no follow up hassle from the gym asking you to join. We have simplified the drop-in and day pass. All gyms, studios, and classes are certified by our GymNav Nomads – fitness pros and personal trainers. GymNav is a great tool for any type of travel. GymNav users can find and schedule their workouts before they hit the road. GymNav users can also use GymNav to diversify workouts at home. With GymNav you can train Olympic lifting Monday, hit a Crossfit® Gym on Wednesday, and do yoga on Friday, all without the need for a membership, you only pay when you train.

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