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MyFollowUp was designed to be the easiest mobile CRM for the average Joe who needs a better way to keep track of their prospects. With the MyFollowUp app there is no more cluttering and mixing your phone contacts with your prospects. Plus there is no more having to use up your phone’s memory as all these contacts will be stored securely in the cloud. You’ll stay organized by being able to quickly and easily sort, filter and group contacts using various follow up categories which can be personalized depending on what suits your needs. The app will also enable you to effectively prioritize your efforts as you’ll always be able to see in real-time who the hottest lead is that that you may need to follow up with. There won’t be any more forgetting to follow up with the easy to schedule reminders that go straight to your phone! You’ll also be able to keep track the history of each interaction and any change you make to the contact record.

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