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Choose. Match. Chat. Plan Date. RatherME is the all new social and dating app that will change the way users meet and interact. The all new, unique concept, brings fun back into dating apps by displaying two profiles to choose between (instead of only one). When you are rathered by the other person too, it’s a match. Once two users match, they are provided with very detailed first date idea suggestions which we create using an algorithm based on the mutual interests selected by both users. This ensures that you can start a conversation, chat until a real click and connection happens, and even plan your first date! You both like Italian cuisine? RatherME will suggest a first date idea for you to meet at the best Italian restaurant place nearest to you. RatherME – More than just Dating RatherME brings gamification into the dating world by including social competitive gaming. It allows you to create custom “who would you rather” matchups and tournaments between friends or other user profiles on RatherME. The results from these matchups can be followed live for maximum excitement. Want to know who has the better profile? Download RatherME & find out!

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